RIIWHS205E Control Traffic with a stop-slow bat & RIIWHS302E Implement traffic management plans


A growth industry

This skillset addresses skills and knowledge for those responsible working in experienced traffic roles. They generally work in teams in live traffic environments and hold some responsibility for the outcomes of others.

This course does not qualify a participant to control traffic
with a stop/slow bat or boom gate

Who can do this course?

All persons who wish to enter and establish themselves
into the traffic  control/management industry. Candidates must:

  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Have basic levels of language, literacy and numeracy skills
  • Be physically fit enough to move light equipment and perform traffic control duties.



What to bring

  • A pen
  • 100 points of ID
  • Your USI*
  • Safety Boots (joggers/sneakers are unacceptable)
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Long pants(tights are unacceptable), Sun and rain protection as required.
  • Sun and rain protection

Regulatory Requirements

Any organisation needs to ensure that the worker has:

a) successfully completed the training for that type of
traffic control work and

b) carried out that type of traffic control work in the
preceding 3 years.


The cost of this course is $345. Course time are 8:30-5:00pm.

Refresher is last day of the 2 day training, with the cost being $225


This training is typically delivered over 2 days and may be facilitated at a customer’s site or one of our Training Centers – Please call to enquire

Training will include:

  • theory questions
  • practical traffic control simulation using full scale
    devices and vehicles in controlled and safe environments


Assessment in all units of competency must be assessed on the job on a minimum of three separate occasions (in the context of traffic control at worksites)
Assessments will include:

  • theory questions
  • on the job practical application and observation
  • provision of workplace samples and documentation


On successful completion participants will be issued with a Statement of Attainment with the following units:

  • RIIWHS205E Control traffic with a stop-slow bat
  • RIIWHS302E Implement traffic management plans

*USI – Unique Student Identifier is a Commonwealth Gov’t  Reference, available from

Melbourne 2022 dates:

Feb 14,15
Feb 28, Mar 1
Mar 14,15
Mar 28,29
Apr 11,12


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